Monday, June 21, 2010

Campfire Foil Dinner

I once said that the only way I'd camp is if it said "Hilton" over my head. Bugs, heat, public bathrooms, smelly tents...need I say more? Well, despite my complaining I have ended up taking an annual camping trip with a great group of friends and have come to enjoy a few uncomfortable nights in the great outdoors. Of course, a few beers and laughs can make up for a few bugs! We all take turns with meals and this time-honored Girl Scout recipe would be a fun casual meal. It's perfect to make over an open fire or even on a grill. It's not fancy but fun, just like camping!

I've also made this at home (oven) when I need a sure fire hit with the kids.

Polish Sausage Foil Dinner

recipe makes one serving packet so multiple as needed...

1 cup frozen loose-pack diced hash brown potatoes with onions/peppers (O'Brien style)
3 oz. sliced smoked sausage (can use turkey polish sausage too)
1 Tbls. Italian dressing
2 - 3 Tbls. shredded cheddar cheese
optional - various veggies - pepper strips, mushrooms, jalapenos, squash - you get the idea...

Tear off a 24x12-inch piece of heavy foil and fold in half to make 12x12 square. Place potatoes and sausage in center of foil, drizzle with Italian dressing. Bring up two opposite edges of foil; seal with double fold and seal remaining edges. Basically making a sealed pouch with some room for steam. Grill packet on grill rack or directly over medium coals for about 15 minutes, turning once. Open packet and sprinkle with cheese. Reseal and let sit five few minutes until cheese melts. Serve in pouch with a cold beer and have the bug spray handy!

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