Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moscow Mule Cocktail

Everyone seems to be buzzing about this drink. Maybe it's because Oprah just had this cocktail on her "camping" trip but we were glad to try this on Thanksgiving. It's a variation on a mojito and the ginger beer is different and refreshing. Ginger beer makes this so don't be tempted to use ginger ale. There's no alcohol in ginger beer so a virgin version is safe for kiddies.

Moscow Mule

1 ounce vodka
1 tsp. sugar syrup (or simple syrup which is one part sugar to one part water and heated until the sugar dissolves)
Fresh lime juice
1/2 cup ginger beer
1 sprig fresh mint
1 slice of lime

Pour vodka over ice in a glass or mug. Add sugar syrup and lime juice. Top with ginger beer and stir. Garnish with mint sprig and lime slice.

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